I use many things to record my gameplay and commentaries.

                        What I use to record PS3 Gameplays/Commentaries:

  • iPad 2 to record the gameplay/commentary.
  • A table to put the iPad 2 on.
  • Some books to make the elevation of the iPad 2 higher.
  • Please Note: My "stand" is just a makeshift item.

                            What I use to record Computer Gameplays/Commentaries:

  • A Windows Computer.
  • Fraps is the actual recorder. It cost like $37.
  • Skype is useful when I'm doing commentaries with friends.
  • Game Booster Premium: I use it to lag less when recording. Premium cost $10. 

                                                  What Editing Software I use:
                                                        I use a lot but the best three that I use are :

  • Windows Movie Maker (Free) : This is good for beginning editors.
  • Sony Vegas Pro 10 (About $521) This is very good with Minecraft and CoD Videos. (My favorite)
  • Adobe After Effects C S5.5 (About $825) It is expensive but a very good editing software.